Rincon League


Rincon League Roster

Klentner Ranch



Dominique Mielle -1   Leigh Brecheen 0
Luke Klentner 1   Cory Williams 0
Jake Klentner 1   Lucitas Criado 3
Jesse Bray 6        Juan Monteverde 5
Total 7   Total 8

Whitehall Ranch


Barrossa/Del Padre

Igor Seyrenov 0   Jef Graham 0
Juan Curbelo 5   Jim Wright 4
Ale Gonzalez 3   Maco Llambias 4
Bill Lane 0   Matt Yonally 0
Total 8   Total 8

Quite on Z


Mayer Ranch

Alecia Seidler -1   Kenny Mayer 0
Pacito de Narvaez 0   Clark Mayer 1
Paco de Narvaez 6   Brendon Stenzel 2
Kristos Magrini 2   Agustin Molinas 5
Total 7 Total 8


2020 SBPRC Rincon League ProAm Schedule James Colt Classic, July 9-18

Games on Thursdays/ Saturdays 

Summerland Cup, July 23-August 1
Games on Thursdays/ Saturdays

Malibu Cup, August 6-15 
Games on Thursdays/ Saturdays

Carpinteria Cup, August 20-29 
Games on Thursdays/ Saturdays

Rincon League Details

  • All teams must have two players one goal or less.
  • All teams must provide (two) umpire horse
  • Games will be played on outside fields. Field selection is at the discretion of management
  • Played under 2020 USPA international rules
  • Practice is on your own
  • Fields and times at discretion of management. Games may occasionally be played on other days by agreement of the teams.

Entry Fees

Seasonal Member: $20,000/ month
Lifetime Member: $18,000/ month
Deposit: $5,000 deposit to reserve team entry and will be applied to first month’s fees.

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