Stabling Agreement


Dear all SBPRC Boarders,

Thank you for your enthusiastic support of the club. Last season we served a full house of the finest equestrian athletes in polo. The maintenance needed to provide facilities at a level safe and effective for polo pony care continues to suffer from increasing track maintenance costs, equipment repair, and the ongoing catch up because of inflationary pressures on labor, fuel, supplies and utilities. Because of that we do have to increase the fees this year to provide a sufficient standard of care.
All stabling, whether monthly or annual, must be prepaid to reserve, especially in June, July and August.

No refunds or credits on prepaid stabling unless demand requires it, in which instance management will coordinate. No subleasing of pre-paid stabling.
All stabling assignments are at the Discretion of the Club and subject to change. All stabling is leased in an “as is” condition

Annual stalls and league memberships have priority on stabling location. We try keep annual stalls in the same location, however if necessary to accommodate the high goal teams and maximize numbers, annual stall assignments may be shifted. Environmental regulation limits capacity in the winter rainy season (November – March) due to environmental regulations

Stabling rates:
Annual stall: $2400/ year. Available with 8 goal, 12 goal and 20 goal, and 3 month Pro Pool league membership, league deposit and stabling paid by January 31. 8 goal deposits paid after Jan. 31 will not be eligible for annual stalls
Pro Pool/ Academy Annual Stall: $2200/ year. Paid by January 31. For Academy clients/ Pro Pool members annually EXCEPT during July, August. Minimum of one month Pro Pool League membership or 2 months Coaching League due January 31 with stall payments to qualify for Pro Pool/ Polo Academy stalls.
New For 2024. Pro Pool/ Academy Annual stall members may purchase peak season stalls as an add-on to their stabling reservation in advance
Monthly stabling (peak months April, May, June, July, August, pro rated 1st and 15th):
$570/ month/ horse if PAID by January 31.
$600/ month/ horse if paid after January 31
Monthly stabling (non- peak months): $400.00/ month/ horse. Pro-rated in half month increments, 1st and 15th.
Monthly tackroom: $350.00/ month/ tackroom
Monthly hay space: $100.00/ month for hay space
Track usage fee (non- boarders): $100/ horse/ month
Returning boarders have until Jan 31 to secure return barns for peak season. After Jan 31, if space is available, new boarders may reserve annual/ Pro Pool annual stalls until Feb 28 and monthly stalls on availability basis.

Tackrooms: To reserve a spring/ summer tackroom there must be a commitment of 4 horses/ tackroom/(single account). Players with league entry will have priority in peak season. Players with less than 4 horses may be required to share tackrooms during spring/ summer.

The club aims to provide a highly functional and pleasant home for our equine athletes. The stabling increases reflect the Clubs’ view that our members prefer to be able to work their horses properly on a safe track, account for random weather with increased maintenance, and have prompt service and repairs rather than cutting corners. Payment of stabling signals acceptance of these policies and of all other club policies, rules and regulations.

Best regards,
Melanja Jones, Polo Manager