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About the Polo Academy

The Santa Barbara Polo and Racquet Club is not only home to the Pacific Coast Open, the highest rated polo tournament on the west coast, it is also a historical empire imbued with the tradition of polo. Many legendary families and players have left their eternal hoof print on these grounds, while thousands watched from the stands and lent a helping stomp. The draw of speed, skill and pure adrenalin all starts with a trusted mount and a mallet. The steady four beat rhythm patiently guides each first timer to the inevitable “thwack!” Every sense is engaged and for some, a lifetime of polo is ignited. The Polo Academy invites everyone age six and above to join our lasting tradition.

In April of 2017, the Polo Training Center, local non-profit dedicated to the education of youth polo collaborated with SBPRC to jumpstart onsite polo education. USPA Certified Instructor and Polo Academy Director, Jeff Scheraga will guide you on the epic experience of learning polo. Entry level private/group lessons, introductory clinics, coaching chukkers and tournaments are specially designed for the up and coming player to get their start in the oldest team sport known to man. At the Santa Barbara Polo Academy, the journey is available to you.

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Cell: (805)-755-8234
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About Polo Academy Director:
Jeff Scheraga

Jeff Scheraga
Photographer: David Lominska

USPA Certified Polo Instructor Jeff Scheraga is the Polo Academy Director. The Polo Academy enables new players, and even people who have never ridden before, to learn about polo and be part of the club through lessons in the arena and on the grass, clinics, coaching league, arena league and camps for adults and youth.

Jeff and his wife Naima came to Santa Barbara from their successful polo school in Gilroy, CA, where he taught intercollegiate and interscholastic polo, adult lessons, and managed his string of fourteen school horses who won Best String at the 2017 Western Interscholastic Regional Prelim.

Jeff was born and raised in Central New York, his parents Janet and Danny Scheraga have been heavily involved in the sport for over 40 years. Jeff played on the Cornell Interscholastic team, then went on to an exciting college polo career at University of Connecticut and graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology. He has taken many horses from the track and trained them into seasoned ponies, as well as working with horses that have troubled pasts. He is a highly skilled professional rider and trainer and we all look forward to welcoming him to SBPRC.

SBPRC would like to thank Polo Training Center Santa Barbara for its support of the Polo Academy initiative.

There is a variety of programs available for students at all levels. New players can take advantage of all inclusive packages at the Santa Barbara Polo School that include horse and tack. From the beginner lessons, players can progress to intermediate programs of arena polo and the coaching league on the grass. Some horses are available to rent for the intermediate programs or players can choose to learn with their own polo pony. The club also welcomes students from other clubs looking to take their polo to the next level. For more information on how Santa Barbara Polo Club can make your polo dreams come true,

Contact Polo Academy Head Instructor Jeff Scheraga

Cell: (805)-755-8234
Email: [email protected]

Thank you to Elizabeth Headly and David Lominska for the assistance with promotional photos for the Learn to Play programs.

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