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In the 8 Goal, BFBST Law dominated the field to win the final of the Jackson Hole Horse Emporium Wickenden Cup! Juan Curbelo was selected as MVP and Ale Gonzalez's mare earned BPP.
You may not have won the tournament, but you will always Win Our Hearts!...Judith, Cory, Mia and Melanja
Congratulations to World Gym's Tony Uretz, Claudia Uretz, Tom Schuerman and Melanja Jones for winning the final over Klentner Ranch 4-3. Elise Pardue was awarded MVP for her 4 goals from the field in the semi and final, and Schuerman's horse Catch 22 was awarded BPP
Congratulations to BFBST Law on winning the USPA President's Cup!
In the USPA Women's Invitational, JC Polo defeated Prima/Luna to win the final 8-4. Dayelle Fargey was awarded MVP and her mare Ebony was selected as BPP.

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