Weekly Schedule

Tuesday 7/20

5:30 PM Arena contact Jeff Scheraga at jeff@sbpolo.com

Thursday 7/22

10 AM Bella Vista FMB Too!/Klentner Ranch vs. Lucchese/Del Padre
2 PM SBPRC Field 3 Sapa vs. Rancho Polo/Chogan
4 PM SBPRC Field 1 BFBST Law vs. Sol de Agosto

Friday 7/23

10:30 AM SBPRC Field 3 practice: Antelope vs. Lucchese
2 PM SBPRC Field 1 practice: Santa Clara vs. FMB
4 PM SBPRC Field 2 practice: BenSoleimani.com vs. Klentner Ranch

Saturday 7/24

10 AM Folded Hills Sapa vs. BFBST Law
1 PM Bella Vista Sol de Agosto vs. FMB Too!/Klentner Ranch
3 PM Cancha de Estrellas Rancho Polo/Chogan vs. Lucchese

Sunday 7/25

9:15 AM Stick n Ball Coaching League
11 AM SBPRC Field 3 Santa Clara vs. Klentner Ranch
12 PM SBPRC Field 1 Lucchese vs. BenSoleimani.com
4 PM SBPRC Field 2 FMB vs. Antelope


COVID-19 Protocols:

  • Approved players ONLY riding and playing at the club
  • Players: must have either a current negative Covid test, proof of vaccination, or proof of COVID recovery (all the teams currently signed up have done this).
  • Players: may enjoy the practice without face coverings
  • Grooms: need to wear face masks in public areas, ESPECIALLY for the practices on field 2 and 3 on Sunday in front of the condos
  • Teams: please take your own team tent to Estrellas. The white ones there are just for Dundas


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