12 Goal Series
Pope Challenge, May 3-5
Vic Graber Cup, May 10-19
Lisle Nixon Cup, May May 24-June 2
Folded Hills USPA Intra-Circuit, June 7-23
Tournament games Scheduled on Fridays and Sundays

16 Goal Series
Robert Skene Trophy, July 12-21
USPA Silver Cup, July 26-August 11
USPA America Cup August 11
Pacific Coast Open, August 16- Sept 1
Tournament games Scheduled on Fridays and Sundays all season

Autumn 8 Goal Series
USPA Presidents Cup, Sept. 7-15
USPA Wickenden Cup, Sept 21-29
Practices on Thursdays, Tournament games on Saturdays and Sundays

Friendly Leagues
Early Bird Chukkers, April 13-21
Spring Pro-Pool: April 25- June 16 (two months)
Fall Pro Pool September 4-29 (one month)
Rincon League 6-8 Goal, July 11-August 31
Rincon League games played on opposite days from the 16 goal

Special Tournaments
Spring Chance low goal tournament, June 20-23
Mixed Magic Invitational, September 13-15
12 Goal Ladies Invitational, September 27-29
Pro Pool All Star Challenge October 5-6
0-1.5 Goal Last Chance Tournament, October 11-13
PTC Youth tournaments, June 22 & August 31
Arena - Ongoing through the year

Melanja Jones, Polo Manager
[email protected]

The tournament schedule and field assignments, including off-site fields, are at the discretion of management.
Weather-related schedule changes are at the discretion of management and may result in playing on different days/ fields other than specified above.
No refunds due to weather, injury natural disaster, or change of mind. Updated October 5, 2023

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